Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers with a range of reasons to be invested in our Helena Public Schools: We are parents and grandparents of current, former, and future HPS students; some of us are HPS alumni; some of us are HPS educators; all of us want to see the Helena schools thrive. We are concerned about the current school budget deficit, and we are determined to take proactive steps to help the District balance the budget and sustain vibrant public schools in Helena.

  • Lauren Caldwell
  • Lisa Cordingley
  • Allison Dale-Riddle
  • Ellen Feaver
  • Bob Funk
  • Gabe Furshong
  • Becca Leaphart
  • Colleen Martin
  • Audrey McCue
  • Jeremy Osborn
  • Aaron Pratt
  • Kevin Ward

For Our Kids For Our Future’s History

In the spring of 2023, Helena voters passed all three of the public school levies on the ballot, funding our school district building reserves for ten years and giving our elementary general fund a small annual boost. 

The material impact of these votes on our children is massive:

  • $17.5 million into the Elementary Building Reserve Fund ($1.75 million/year for 10 years)
  • $7.5 million into the High School Building Reserve Fund ($750,000/year for 10 years)
  • $358,735 into the Elementary General Fund (each year, indefinitely)

Importantly, these levies passed by nearly ten percent on average, a clear signal that our community is committed to helping schools deliver the education that our kids deserve. 

It’s getting more difficult to uphold Montana kids’ constitutional right to a quality education. Our state government is failing to adequately fund public schools, providing a biannual funding increase that is 50 percent less than the current annual inflation rate. Our federal government is also falling short of their legal funding obligations year after year. 

These problems aren’t going away, but neither are we. In 2024, our school district will need to pass technology and safety levies to ensure student laptops are functional and our school buildings are secure. After that, our district should pass a bond to build new schools based on extensive community input and the architectural expertise reflected in the district’s Master Facilities Plan that is currently being developed.

Nearly all public schools across the country face funding challenges, but in Helena, certain challenges are within our control. Together, we can pass levies and bonds. We can establish a local vision for quality schools, and we can implement that vision.

Over the next year, For Our Kids, For Our Future will continue to build support for our public schools. We’ll continue to raise funds, and we’ll be ready to tackle the challenges ahead. We hope you’ll help us prepare for these challenges by becoming a donor today.